Competitive Exams

The school has different clubs Science club, Maths club, Computer club, literary club, Sports club and Quiz & GK club, cultural club which keep organizing different competitions from time to time.

NTSE, Science Olympiad, Maths Olympiad, All India GK contest, All India language test, Talent Search Examination, Essay Competitions, Drawing & arts, National Cyber Olympiad, National Geo festival, Quality Circle, Heritage exam. Besides these co-curricular activities, we motivate our children to participate in interschool competitions, different competitions organized by CBSE & NTPC project.



01. English Language Test
02. E-Mat G K Test
03. MBD Talent Search Exam
04. National Cyber Olympiad
05. International Informatics Olympiad
06. All India G K Test
07. NTSExams
08. Awantika Drawing Comp.
09. 11th National science Olympiad
10. Heritage India Quiz.(CBSE)
11. CBSE Maths Olympiad
12. 2nd International Maths Olympiad
13. ASSET Diagnostic Test
14. National Science Talent Search Exams
15. Science Quiz MP Gvt
16. Geo-Fest & International Quiz
17. Drawing comp by Kalabharati
18. National Bio-Tech Olympiad
19. Asia Passafic Maths Olympiad