Physical Education

De Paul values the Physical Education as an integral part of the total education process and its aim, the development of physically, mentally; emotionally and socially fit citizens through the medium of physical activities which have been selected with a view to realizing their outcome.

House System

The teachers and the students of De Paul are divided into 4 houses. The names keep changing but at present the 4 houses are – Avni, Agni, Amber and Ark. The students of classes 1 - 12 are divided into various houses. These students are motivated a lot by the house incharge teachers to take part in various competitions according to their choice as these competitions help a lot in bringing forth the hidden talent among students. These also help to develop a feeling of confidence, leadership, cooperation and sportsmanship. These really help in the all - round development of a child. Keeping in mind the children’s interest and talent, most of the competitions are kept ‘open to all’ so that maximum children can come forward with their talent.


Track and Field Athletics.

Annual Sports Day / PT Display / Cultural Programme