Principal's Desk

                                                       "KEYS TO CHARACTER UNLOCK THE FUTURE...

Dear Parents, Teachers, Well – Wishers and students.
I extremely happy to address you all in the threshold of this Academic Session – 2016 -17.
De Paul School treads to the glorious pinnacles of excellence day by day which is explicit through the Scholastic as well as the Co - Scholastic performance of the students. The sole purpose of the dedicated hard work is to ensure education to integrity and emphasising on probity in public life. In today’s socio - intellectual scenario, character formation is a challenge to the whole curriculum of education. Still, De Paul remarkably fulfills its mission on this realm. We aim at the education that promotes social & ethical values, family values, emotional maturity, responsible dedication etc., for which even the parents and the family fail today.

It’s rightly said; mind like a parachute works best when it is opened. Thus, with this aim to open the minds of De Paulians the whole activities with various initiatives and current technological development we come together in strong commitment and dedication everyday revolving on the theme; “Keys to Character Unlock the Future”.
Today the technological advancement make everyone irresponsible in one way or other by being only dependent upon it every time. Being responsible is the greatest challenge of today’s society. We emphasize to make every child responsible to the core in day to day activities at home and school. Yes, education means ‘be responsible’. If everyone is responsible then our society, our nation will flourish to the heavenly bliss. Let this be our common struggle; be responsible and let the other too be responsible.
Gandhiji, the Father of our Nation said; “A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history”. The only way to conceive one’s mission in day to day life is to become responsible within oneself. The strong determination to yield to the inner voice to be responsible is the formation of education or ‘must be’ the formation of education. It is my wish and prayer that the conviction of one’s mission with conscious determination may lead every one of us in our varied status of life.
My best wishes to everyone.

Wishing you all God's blessings,

Principal Rev. Fr. Martin V C