Investiture Ceremony 2016 - 2017
“If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” – Les Brown
Rev. Sisters, respected Teachers and my dear loving children,
Today, this morning brought us an aura of newness to our life through the experience of this remarkable event in the history of our school. One of the major events of the academic session, the investiture ceremony consciously reminds each one of us about our rights and responsibilities.
“Every right implies a responsibility, every opportunity an obligation, every possession a duty.” – John D. Rockefeller

Our effort to be an achiever or a successful person in the future is to be strengthened by the responsibility of our today right now.
In this outward and physical paraphernalia of the Investiture ceremony we attest ourselves once again to the inner and spiritual strength to be truthful to oneself, and then to our environment.
Needless to say, it is impossible to go back and make a brand new start, it is quite true to say that anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. Yes we need to focus on the end and live today with responsibility. So we have the theme of this academic session “Keys to character unlock the future”. It is said that ”Knowledge can open the door of success, but only character keeps them open”. Character is a good friend, who accompanies all the time. Character is nothing but the uprightness. It is the uprightness of Thoughts, Feelings and Action. We Should be sincere in our thoughts, feelings and behavior. If we are true to this then we can challenge the world with heads high always otherwise, will be threatened by the whims and fancies of the world. Be sincere to what you do, whether it is your studies, your games, your words, your actions….then you will never be disappointed in your life.
Listen to the Exhortation of the mind, the voice of the conscience always.
In its brief course of motivation lie all the
Verities and Realities of your Existence, either a person of character or a person of doom.
The euphoria of your Growth, and the glory of your Action,
The Splendor of your words always haunts unless it is vested on the perfect expression of character. Yes you must remember that Yesterday is just a Dream,
And Tomorrow is only a Vision;
But Today, if well lived, surely makes
Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness and joy,
And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope and ecstasy. So take this Day to make yourself responsible to achieve success and bliss, being true to every moment.
We live in a situation where these values of life are viewed and propagated most often meaningless and useless. The example of Bihar school results are just before our eyes. Events of such types occurred not only in Bihar but in our surroundings too. These poise an important question to the educational system we follow. When priority is placed only on grades and ranks rather not on values then the events will take place again and again. Gandhiji, the Father of our nation said, Education without Character formation is a crime. He proposed a “Nai Talim” in the field of education. The immediate and prime aim of it was to build character. So character formation must be the sole motive of school education. You are given ample opportunities to equip yourselves with strong character based on human, moral and ethical values. Respect your teachers and follow their paths in this voyage where you will be confronted by the tempest of illusions, misconceptions, misguiding, of this present era. But be with the De Paul…. Its mission and vision…. You will be safe and sound and will achieve glory of success and happiness. I wish you all the same today and I will be with you in this voyage guiding and strengthening…


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